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I have gone to three day trading schools, and spent thousands, but found your site is the best...

Yulin Y.

"In my view, the Market Forecast is the best investment tool available. Without a doubt one of the best parts of the Market Forecast is Stephen's regular commentary which helps me understand how to use this fantastic tool in all kinds of markets."

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"I've been a subscriber for about a year now-- thank you SO MUCH!  I've told everyone about you.  I call you my crystal ball! "

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Today's Stock Market Forecast

Accurate Stock Market Predictions
See How to Profit In 2015

Let's face it, haven't you already tried, tested or looked at most of the trading  tools out there? You've no doubt discovered that technical indicators like a MACD, Stochastics, RSI, or patterns like triangles, flags, and hundreds of similar trading tools will ultimately fail. It's probably the reason why you've come here.

It's also why investors spend so much time and money learning how to trade, rather than actually profiting from it. You'd love to find the Holy Grail, or something even close, but so far, everything has fallen way short.
The Market Forecast is very different. We don't call it the Grail (though some do), but once you start using it, you might think it's getting pretty close.

It's going to help you profitably trade the markets in a whole new way. We're going to de-horn the bull, de-claw the bear, and give you powerful new ways to earn fat profits - regardless of whether markets are trading up or down.

How? By literally showing you in each upcoming stock market move in advance, and helping you choose strategies that best fit your investment style.  You'll be able to trade each direction with ease -  and most importantly - at the right time. 

There's a lot you can read and study here, but the best way to learn everything is to just get started. Click here to begin your trial membership right now.

Predicting Bear Markets

Do you remember how much money was lost in the world-wide market crash of 2007-08? It was estimated at twenty-one trillion dollars  (Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2009). But shouldn't the real question be: WHY was so much money lost?

Let's review...
Market conditions turned severely bearish in 2007 and stock markets began an historic decline of generational proportions.

Most investors not knowing what to do, just hunkered down, hoping to ride out the storm. What they didn't understand, was their investments were NOT positioned to withstand the ferocity of a full-blown bear market.

When the sell-off began, millions of investors' retirement savings were crushed. Most accounts were reduced to half their size in a matter of a couple months.

But Even Bear Markets Present Opportunities

Here, at The Market Forecast, we showed everyone a different approach.  We were ready for the oncoming bear market weeks in advance.

Our strategy was to turn the bear into a bull.  When our signal was triggered, we had everyone trading inverse ETF stocks, which by design, move up when markets turn down. That approach proved to be not only a very prudent trade, but an extremely profitable one.

Our members grabbed double-digit gains during the worst bear market months, and many showed gains as big as all their earnings during the previous bull market years.

Those strategies are easy to learn. In fact, you'll find what we do is much simpler than the old fashioned hard work of just finding a good stock. That's why first time users often ask, "Isn't there something else I'll need to learn or do?" No. One simple strategy. And it works so well, you'll wonder why you spent so much time and money learning how to use all those market indicators. 

We'll explain these simple techniques, and make sure you get it right. Every Friday, we hold a live webinar to answer any question you might have. All it takes is a willingness to drop some old school trading rules.
The point is, if anyone is telling you it's hard to be profitable in times like these, they're just making excuses (like so many money managers)! Without question, your profits should continue to grow regardless of  market conditions - bull or bear!

By knowing market moves in advance, each change of direction will just be another opportunity to compound your profits. You'll quit worrying about about bear markets, in fact, as crazy as it sounds, you may actually start to look forward to them!
Say Good-bye To Roller-Coaster Returns!

In your 401K or IRA, you'll discover an incredible trading advantage. You won't be watching your account make great gains, only to see them fall back to old lows. Instead, your nest egg will be protected against serious draw downs because we'll have you moving to cash just ahead of any real bear market declines.

Your account will grow even faster when you then move back into to high growth funds or ETF's -  but only after the Forecast signals another upcoming bull trend ready to begin.

It will only take a few trades a year to manage your own 401k or IRA.  And our timing charts will show which funds are best for each upcoming market condition.

Outside of your retirement accounts, you can trade as often as you like (even day trade), using our market timed charts to compound profits.

Keep Your Retirement Safe and Growing - For All The Important Reasons

Market Forecast users know that markets make three to four major moves each year. By positioning yourself in line with each move instead of against them,  you can quite literally, write your own paychecks several times a year.

Real financial security comes when you stop fighting the markets and start allowing all of the up and down action to start working for you. You'll have profits coming from both directions.

Even bear markets have recovery rallies, and since early March 2009, we've been using that expected rally to earn double digit profits. As long as markets are alive and moving, we'll continue to be positioned to win with every changing trend.
Actionable, Precise Stock Market Timing Information

Instead of asking, "I wonder where markets are going?", you'll know what to expect because every morning, before markets open, our charts and commentaries explain where markets will move  today, tomorrow and even for weeks to come.

And, as you'll see from the testimonials we receive from all over the world, having that kind of   accurate market prediction information can make a huge, positive difference in your portfolio.

You are going to see some very predictable rhythms in the stock market that are used by big institutional traders who buy and sell stocks like clockwork. As you watch their action through the lens of our Market Forecasts, you'll time your stock positions just ahead of their big moves, and that means profit.
Here's Why The Market Forecast Works - Stock Market Cycles

No matter whether you are a long term investor, a swing trader, or even a day-trader, you'll see opportunities you would have otherwise missed without the added perspective of the market's cyclical swings.

Take a look at the precisely accurate market timing we use,  spotting every new trend well in advance of when markets take off.  Each ETF chart below shows an amazingly consistent timed cyclical pattern we trade.

When combined with our other Forecast charts and analysis, you'll be ready to take a winning position in the market ahead of just about everyone else. What may astound you, is that this rhythmic action is found not only on daily charts, but in intra-day charts down to the tick level too.

Are You Really Going To Trust A Fund Manager - Again?

This probably comes as no big surprise, but the average fund manager hasn't beat the market indices during the last 10 years. Amazing isn't it?

And for those managers who do, it usually only in a bull market.

In bear markets, the number of profitable funds drops to almost zero! With those kind of odds, do you really want turn your money over to managers who won't even move you to cash when its time to protect you from severe market declines?

As you have no doubt discovered, the old "tried and true" rules of investing may are still tried, but they certainly aren't true. In fact, if the "buy and hold" strategy were really the best way to profit, why would institutional traders - the largest daily volume traders in the markets - move their money in and out of stocks like clockwork.

The truth is, they are making profits by selling to you when they know it's time to go!
Unsuspecting investors buy when institutions are ready to sell, and sell when big money is ready to buy. Retail investors are the perfect  shills because the little guy will always trade on emotion or bad advice, and end up putting their money right into the hands of the hedge fund traders wanting to unload positions!

The Market Forecast keeps you from falling into that trap! It shows in advance when institutional traders are about to make the switch, whether buying or selling, and you'll be moving your money to keep one step ahead of them - with much less emotion.
Now, instead of market "head fakes" causing you to lose money, you'll leverage minor turns as opportunities to add to positions you are already holding. We call it trading the short term cycle. If you haven't seen some of our videos showing how we do it, watch these: Short Term Trades.

End Costly Investing Mistakes

Successful investing is can often be counter- intuitive to how most investors want to trade.
You see, an average stock investor will only enter a position once they "feel" comfortable with the idea that stock markets (or their stocks) are likely to keep rising. Unfortunately,  that's usually the time smart money is getting ready sell.

To compound the problem, investors frequently end up selling in a panic  after markets have moved substantially lower. Again,  that's usually the time when institutional traders are getting ready to buy.

That behavior is the reason why investors keep complaining,  "How come stocks always seem to go down whenever I get in...or go up when I finally get out?"  Don't take it too personally, it's really a basic problem of  human nature.

Everyone wants to feel sure about their decisions, and because of that, wait until they feel safe before taking action. The need for feeling sure is so powerful in fact, you'd almost have to be psychopathic to act against that impulse.

But that's why big money traders make the big money- not because they're crazy (OK, a little), but because they have learned to enter and exit when it is not comfortable, and have so many "want to be sure's" willing and waiting to take the other side of their trades!

The Market Forecast will help you turn that behavior around.

Don't worry, our Forecasts won't make you psychopathic, but they will definitely help you control the natural instinct to trade at ALL the wrong times.

You'll learn to buy when everyone is saying markets look ugly, and to take profits when markets are getting ready to turn significantly back down. In other words, it will help you trade INTO institutional order flow rather than being swept away by it.
Institutional Traders

In the booming 90's, you could have picked almost any stock and watched it climb for what seemed like forever. But "forever" came to a screeching halt in the bear market of 2000. Since then, even the stocks of well managed companies have become subject to more wild, short-term swings, triggered by broader market volatility.

Blame it on computerized trading, hedge fund trading, or changes in trading regulations, but the fact that huge volumes of stock can be executed in a matter of seconds can have a dramatic impact on the markets.

That volume comes mostly from institutional traders, who control as much as 70% of the daily market volume. But that volume also becomes an institutional trader's liability...

Think about it. Fund managers cannot simply push a button and freely move millions of shares of stock without also unbalancing markets against themselves. In order to unload or accumulate positions, institutional traders are often forced to allocate  trades over days and sometimes weeks in order to keep prices from moving too far from their target range.
It's that potential imbalance issue which will become your trading advantage.

Imagine what you could do, by knowing ahead of time, when big money is about to change direction. What if you also knew how long their wave of  buying or selling would last?

With that kind of market foresight, all you would need to do is position yourself in direction of their upcoming trades, and let their following massive volume do all the heavy lifting for you!
Stock Market Prediction That Works

How many times have you heard, "You can't predict the markets"? If that were really true, few would ever capture profits in the markets, and institutions wouldn't employ rooms full of analysts handsomely paid to read the charts and crunch numbers all day long. In truth, big money treats what they know like a poker game, where what they see in the future, and how they plan to trade it, require they bluff and head fake the public.

But they can't hide what they are doing from The Market Forecast analysis. It uncovers big money activity brewing just below the surface. The Forecast anticipates, rather than explains in hindsight, key turning points that are developing and where institutional money is moving. That's critical information you need to know before you ever invest a dime.

You won't see these kind of predictive results anywhere else. We uncover both minor and major cyclical trading patterns they adhere to, showing you where big money is going, and how long it will take them to get there!

You've had a glimpse of how the institutional trading strategy works already. Look back on your price charts and take note of how most rallies fail to make new highs - above previous highs - during bear markets. Those rallies failed because institutional traders use  each successive rally to sell into that strength at better prices.

Alternatively,  those same traders do their buying during market "dips", when slightly lower prices occur on a regular, almost scheduled basis, during longer term rising trend
See How to Invest In Just 10 Minutes Each Morning

Each morning, before markets open, you'll have two powerful Market Forecast graphs showing you where markets are headed and how long their move should take. You'll also read a simple but precise "what to do now" commentary by  its creator and author, Stephen Swanson.
In about 5 minutes, you'll know more about how to trade the markets than most people around you, and most of those handing out advice.

You'll know when its time to lock in profits on long or short positions, when its time to wait, or when its time to change direction.

Most investors learned the hard way about the terrible risk of having money in the market when it is moving against them. But once they start using The Market Forecast, they quickly discover how wonderfully profitable it can be, investing on the right side of the markets at the right time!
Trading The News Is A Losers Game

People ask to see how the Market Forecast has worked historically. To help, we provide charts going all the way back to our first post in 2001. As a sample, here's some coaching our users received from the Market Forecast Commentary just prior to the April - June 2005 rally:
March 22, 2005: Let's see, oil prices are at all time highs, the Fed is continuing to raise rates, the buck is beleaguered, federal budget deficits are all sounds bearish, doesn't it? Well, it is, and such economic uncertainty should be expected during an intermediate (cycle) decline.

But about the time when everything begins to sound and look most bleak, the intermediate cycle will bottom and markets will begin to rally... try not to get caught in the negative psychological rut this downside creates for many investors. Because in the not too distant future, it will all turn back up.

April 18, 2005: You can see on the Forecast charts below, how a cluster is clearly forming as short term and momentum cycles are deep in the lower reversal zone and the intermediate line is "close" to joining them. We could yet have a couple days of selling, so as a reminder, anticipating the turn is good for setting up position plays, BUT don't trade the upside until the bottom is validated.

Two days later, when the bottom formed, markets rallied from the April 20th low up through the June 16th intermediate peak. The S&P rose 7% and the NASDAQ rallied 9%.

Stock Market Clusters!

The moves you are about to see, are some of the best trading opportunities offered to investors each year.  A cluster formation occurs when each of our cycle lines bottom  simultaneously (usually in the area below -80 on the chart to the left), and then start moving up at the same time as well.

In the weeks prior to such moves, our users are alerted to those forming "clusters" on the Forecast graphs.

We also alerted users to Long Term Cycle market top in 2007. We also alerted users to the market bottoms in March of 2003, and most recently, March 2009. We don't miss a turn, bull or bear.

Within days following these bottoming clusters patterns, and for the next several weeks, dramatic moves take place: expect 1000-1500 points on the Dow, 100-200 points on the S&P, and 200-500 points on the NASDAQ.

Imagine the kind of gains those moves can translate into for the stocks in your portfolio! The best part is, when they occur, most stocks follow suit quickly.

For those who are with us, making money at these cluster points is a bit like playing the lottery when you know all the winning numbers.

In fact, some investors use clusters as their only trading strategy several times each year. They simply wait for those  to form, invest in their trend over the next couple of weeks, and then take profits off the table after their 4-6 weeks run.

Think about it. Imagine sitting in cash most of the year, playing the markets for about 3-5 weeks at a time, and earning 15-30% gains or much more (especially with leverage) on each play!
High Beta Stocks

After an intermediate cycle "cluster" formation, a large number of stocks will dramatically outperform the markets. They are typically referred to as "high beta" stocks (a beta of 1 produces percentage moves equal to the market, a beta 2 should be double that).

A simple and free search in the Members section of the website will show you what stocks are likely to rocket. And while not every stock ends up a home run, as you'll see below, the results can be dramatic.

Take a look at the following graphs, with the Dow highlighted in blue. The premise here is: as the Dow goes, so go individual stocks. The cluster in June triggered a buying frenzy leading to exceptional gains. High beta stocks as you will see below, had gains between 200% - 400% while the Dow had risen 50% from it  March 12, 2009 clustered lows.
Daily Stock Market Forecast - Predictions and Stock Market Profits
Such dramatic moves occur less frequently, but imagine having regular cluster patterns that provide returns of 20-30% a couple times each year! You might be tempted to spend the rest of the year on vacation! (Though we don't recommend it since there will actually be 3-4 such moves throughout the year).

By trading double beta ETF's and even options during these times, the returns can become multiples of what is shown above!

Investments That Keep Growing!

Whether you invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Options, ETF's, Indices - like the NDX, OEX, SOX or others, the Market Forecast will keep you on the right side of each trade and help you avoid serious investing mistakes. You'll confidently ignore all of the noise and that keeps bombarding you every day.

It is almost like seeing tomorrow's financial news today! Acting on that kind of information can pay off with huge profits. Institutional money knows where they are going to be putting money tomorrow,
and so should you. They have a plan, and don't just arrive on the trading floor in the morning to "see what happens". Smart money knows that  following institutional trades isn't good enough. It's staying just ahead of their moves that generates huge profits.

Intermediate Cycles Provide Big Profits 3-4 Times Each Year

You already know that when stock markets are rising, a majority of stocks end up rising with it. It's a simple rule: "a rising tide lifts all boats". What's remarkable though, is that every year, when markets run, more than  80% of stocks will ultimately participate. It's an incredible opportunity to profit. Even fundamentally weak stocks can become dramatic movers at these times.

So ask yourself - in that kind of an bullish environment, how smart do you have to be to pick a winning stock? How much research do you really need? The truth is: At such times, even a dart throwing stock picker can easily land on a majority of winners.

And here's the best part - these big moves occur 3-4 times a year (in bull and bear markets), and produce returns in the 15-30% range each time! Even more significant for Market Forecast subscribers, they are regularly predictable. Most of the time, these kind of moves will begin suddenly, at the time when most investors are still sitting on the sidelines completely discouraged. You won't have to be one of them.

Accurate Stock Market Timing Found Nowhere Else
The Market Forecast is the original work of its author Stephen Swanson, and grew out of the signal research he developed in another industry. Futures traders persuaded Steve to adapt his  technology to help identify subtle but repeating patterns of movement they described to him, which exist in the futures and stock markets.

It seemed a strange request to him at the time, but the rest is, as they say - history - spanning 25 years of research, development and profitable use by traders.
Over the past decade, Steve has taught thousands of investors, from novices to fund managers, and even some of the Who's Who around the globe. His expert daily commentaries reinforce the easy to understand methods that work in any market and which anyone can learn.

You don't need expensive training programs that make big promises, and then just try to sell you more education. YOU WON'T FIND THAT  HERE.

We provide bottom line trading and training information every day as part of our service. We don't keep "upping the ante" with add-on's you don't need.
Try The Market Forecast Right Now - You Have Nothing to Lose

Don't waste anymore time looking for one great stock or for the best investing opportunity, they are in front of you all the time, you just need to start seeing them with different eyes.

Register now so you can have access to all the money making opportunities The Market Forecast will be identifying for you day after day.  Just click the "Start Membership" link to get started.

Why not make your trades a lot more profitable right now by having access to The Market Forecast?

Don't worry; if for any reason you feel The Market Forecast is not for you, simply cancel your subscription at any time.
GUARANTEE: If for any reason, you would like to cancel your subscription to our service, you can do so directly through PayPal or in our MEMBERS area by clicking on "cancel subscription." NO future billing will occur. None. Zip.

PRIVACY POLICY: For your peace of mind, all confidential information is processed through our secure billing partner PAYPAL. We never even see your credit card information and have NO access to it. We like that, and so should you. Also, your personal information is never shared or sold to any other service or individuals for any reason...EVER.
Take a moment and check out a some previous entry/exit signals in the link:  "Recent Commentaries". You'll see some of the dramatic investing opportunities that have generated some remarkable profits in just days!

Better yet, subscribe now so you start getting forecasts immediately.

You won't be disappointed. And you won't want to miss another chance to cherry pick profits in any kind of market, even choppy or bear markets where our users earn as much profit as they did in the raging bull markets!

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